Humble Grape - Wines of Chile

Humble Grape - Wines of Chile at both Battersea and Fleet Street The wine experts responsible for Humble Grape in Battersea are spreading their love of handcrafted, sustainable vinos from around the world to the City of London. St. Bride's Passage is home to Humble Grape's Fleet Street location. Housed under the famed St. Bride's Church, patrons of Humble Grape can expect a totally organic cellar aesthetic to enjoy alongside a glass or carafe of over 30 wine varieties. Head chef Anna Allan serves several delicious culinary pairings, aptly known as 'Humble Plates', that will please even the most stuffy of aficionados. Some major upgrades included at Humble Grape Fleet Street are a 200-person capacity, an 18-seat private dining area, an event space and a shop for those nights when a good bottle is best served at home.

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